The High Days

First Crossquarter (November 1st)

Neo-Pagan Name: Samhain

Norse Name: Álfablót 

This is a time for honoring the dead and is the traditional feast for the dead for many Neo-Pagans. It is often observed through offerings and remembrances for the ancestors. It is also informed by modern Halloween with its emphasis on darkness, spirits, and fun. For us, it is also a time to honor the Elves, the land spirits and the honored dead buried in the ground. 

Winter Solstice (December 21st)

Neo-Pagan Name: Yule

Norse Name: Joláblót 

This is when the sun is at its lowest ebb and darkness presses in. It is a time for honoring the ancestors and supporting the living community. It is often celebrated with communal gatherings and exchanging of gifts to bring light to the darkness. It is also a time to honor the Sun and ask her to return to us. For us, it is the time to honor the Godden, celebrate the 12 days of Yule, and hold ceremonies for the Sun. 

Second Crossquarter (February 1st)

Neo-Pagan Name: Imbolc

Norse Name: Dísablót 

As Winter drags on, we take this time to pause and ask for healing, reflect on the lessons of the Winter, and prepare for Spring. There are countless ways people honor this holiday. For us, is time to honor the Goddessess and the feminine dead who protect us. 

Spring Equinox (March 21st)

Neo-Pagan Name: Ostara

Norse Name: Ostarablót

It is time to welcome in Spring. We take the time to welcome in Spring and say farewell to Winter. This is a time to celebrate the return of life to the earth and to prepare for the work of the fertile season. For us, we welcome in the Spring goddess and see off the Winter goddess.

Third Crossquarter (May 1st)

Neo-Pagan Name: Beltane

Norse Name: Walpurgisnacht 

It is the beginning of the fertile season and the full bloom of life. It is a time to celebrate love, attraction, magic, and liminality. It is often a time for joyous and flirtatious celebration among Neo-Pagans. Maypole dances and ceremonies honoring the deities of fertility are common. For us, we honor Freyja and the powers of growth.

Summer Solstice (June 21st)

Neo-Pagan Name: Litha

Norse Name: Liþablót

The Summer Solstice is the height of the Sun and the light of the year. This is a time for bonfires, dancing, singing, and celebrating the light for many. For us, we honor the Sun and its lifegiving powers.

Fourth Crossquarter (August 1st)

Neo-Pagan Name: Lughnasadh

Norse Name: Lammas 

The beginning of the harvest. This is a time for games, thanksgiving, and feasting for many. It is often observed with outdoor competitions like the Lugh Games. For us, we honor the harvest and feast together in community. 

Autumn Equinox (September 21st)

Neo-Pagan Name: Mabon

Norse Name: Freysblót 

The preparation for Winter and end of Harvest. This is a time for preparation, reflection, and thanks for the blessings of the year. For us, it is a time to honor Freyr and give thanks for the blessings we have received across the year.