Hemlock Vales Protogrove ADF

Welcome to Our Own Druidry in Central PA!

The Hemlock Vales Protogrove, ADF is a Neo-Pagan Druid fellowship in State College, Pennsylvania, that is focused on inclusive Pagan fellowship and ritual. 

We are an inclusive, polytheistic community and we hope you will join us!

Upcoming High Days and Events

Ukraine Benefit Rite

We are doing a Slavic rite and collecting donations for Ukraine. Pleas join us!

Spring Equinox 2024

We are honoring Persphone and holding our first Hellenic ritual!

Beltane 2024

We are honoring the Roman astrological planets for our Beltane celebration!

New to Paganism or Druidry?

Learn more about our religion.

What is ADF?

If you want to learn more about ADF, check out our Mother organization.

Want to join? 

Check out our local partner: Happy Valley Golden Wheel

Happy Valley Golden Wheel is a diverse, local Pagan community open to all. They also serve Central Pennsylvania with rituals, workshops, gatherings, and fellowship!