Saltare Palentarum: Beltane 2024

Please join us for the dance of the planets in this astrology focused Roman-inspired ADF rite. We will meet the classical planets and receive their blessings, and dance the may pole! This astrological rite will be a blast, so please join in the fun!

Location: Rhoneymeade: 177 Rimmey Rd, Centre Hall, PA 16828

Date: May 11, 2024


What is this Rite about?

This rite uses an ADF style with a Roman Pagan inspired hearth culture to ring in the Summer season with dancing beneath the stars and honoring the astrological planets. We will be using some basic astrology and Roman Pagan concepts to give blessings and get people connected to the power of the stars. These stars are said to influence fate in Astrology and we thought it would be fun to incorporate that into the rite. We have many local Astrologers and wanted to make the art of Astrology part of the community rituals we do. This will involve invocations, offerings, and ritual to the planets, as well as a special night time maypole dance to dance with the wandering stars. We hope you can join us!

What is Astrology?

Astrology is the study of the patterns of stars and planets as to how they affect the fate, personality, and prospects of individuals. It is a complex practice that requires much study to fully understand. Astrology has been done in many ways by many cultures since ancient times. We are using the Western Zodiac and Planets as part of this particular rite but there are East Asian, Babylonian, Egyptian, Indian, and other forms of astrology as well.