As a polytheistic religious organization, there are many deities that we work with! This page is designed to introduce to some of the major deities we work with as a community.

Our Protogrove Patron: Urðr

Urðr is our Protogrove patroness. She is one of the Nornir who are the Old Norse goddesses of fate. She is often paired with the Nornir goddesses Verðandi and Skuld. Urðr offered us her help and aid, and so she became our patroness as of Yule 2023. She is a godddess who oversees the carving and weaving of fate. Her wisdom and insight is valued by gods and humans alike. We thank and praise her as our Protogrove's guide and guardian.

There are  many other deities that are improtant to members of our Protogrove. Here are some major ones: