Spring Equinox

Spring Equinox: Honoring Persephone

Join us for a Greek ADF rite in honor of Persephone and her return to the earth with Spring! We will do a  ritual play and rite to celebrate the seasonal change, and welcome back Persephone.

Location: Pasquerilla Spiritual Center Eisenhower Chapel on the University Park campus across from the Pattee-Paterno library.

Date: March 17, 2024


Who is Persephone?

   Who is Persephone?  Persephone( know as Proserpina to the romans) is the goddess of spring, and is most well known though her main myth, in which she is kidnapped by Lord of the Dead Hades and taken into the underworld. This causes her mother the goddess Demeter to stop all growth in her grief,  creating the seasons. But while this myth is the entry point for the goddess, it is far from the whole story.

In the reek world, Persephone is most often worshiped as a dread goddess of death and destruction. She was often more feared than her husband Hades, and by extension often invoked as part of Hellenistic necromancy and curse work. She was also often worshipped alongside her mother Demeter as duo of harvest and fertility goddesses. It is in these aspects she was honored under the names “Kore” or “Persephone”.

Together these two depictions create a goddess of life, death and rebirth. Equally capable of compassion as she is malice, Persephone is honored among modern Hellens for her strength, adaptability, and her acceptance of both the dark and light aspects of her being.